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September 2013

World flag


An average of all country flags, weighted by population. [via /]

In which I fix my girlfriend’s grandparents’ WiFi and am hailed as a conquering hero


“Gripping it tightly, he pulled with all his force, dislodging the cord from the Router. The heavens roared. The earth wailed. The green lights turned off. Silently the warrior counted. One. Two. Three. And just as swiftly, the warrior plugged the cord back into the router. Great crashes of blood-red lightning boomed overhead. Murders of crows blackened the skies. […]

What english sounds like to foreigners


I can identify several languages by the way they “sound”, even though I do not speak a word of any of them. I suppose this is how english sounds to someone who can identify but can’t speak it. Fascinating. And one more, from ’70s Italy: Prisecolinensinenciousol.