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November 2013

Word of the day: Aptronym


An aptronym is a name aptly suited to the person. Some hilarious examples: Chris Moneymaker, well-known poker player who won the $2.5M first prize at the 2003 World Series of Poker Usain Bolt, sprinter Thomas Crapper, founder of Thomas Crapper & Co, a toilet manufacturer Dr. Richard Chopp, urologist known for performing vasectomies William Headline, […]

Getting started with CocoaPods


If you’ve ever worked on a large project that used several 3rd party libraries, you’ve probably run into what programmers lovingly refer to as “dependency hell” – the painstaking task of getting the right version of each 3rd party library installed and configured correctly, and then later keeping those libraries up to date. CocoaPods is […]

Getting started with GitHub


This is a 10 minute intro for folks who are new to git and GitHub (like me, just a few weeks ago). The best way to get started with social coding and GitHub is to clean up any old side-projects you have lying around and publish them to GitHub. Keep reading to find out how […]

Touch Board


Touch Board is an Arduino-compatible board with 12 touch-sensitive electrodes that can be hooked up to any conductive material. Seems like a fantastic platform for touch-based projects, especially when paired with electric paint. Shipping Feb ’14.

La Preuve Par 4


This is from a few years back, but I never got bored watching it. Just a mind-blowing performance, especially by Marion Motin (girl with the red baseball cap).