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Getting started with Stripe – part 2


This is a follow-up to my introductory post on Stripe. I covered Stripe’s merchant and marketplace products in the first post, and in this one we’ll try building some basic web apps that use Stripe Checkout and Stripe.js. Note that to keep the focus on the API I kept things as minimal as possible, which […]

Getting started with Stripe – part 1


Online payments is probably one of the hottest fields in tech right now. After a long period of quiet since PayPal debut over 15 years ago, there’s now a renaissance in this space with the rise of startups like Stripe, Balanced, WePay, Dwolla, BrainTree and many others. I recently spent some time trying to understand the offerings by Stripe, one of the leaders in this […]

The great language game


A really cool game where you are played a small audio clip and you have to guess the language. The game features clips from 78 languages, so this is no easy task. I was quite happy to see Malayalam, my somewhat obscure native language, featured on there. Click here to play the game.

Flying an Airbus A380


Ever wanted to fly an A380? Well now you can fly and land one, vicariously. shares the cockpit view of a Lufthansa Airbus A380 approaching SFO.



This is blowing my mind right now. TronicalTune can “auto-tune” any guitar in about 5 seconds. Check out the video.

Big O in plain english


This answer on stack overflow is one of the nicest explanations I’ve seen of the Big O notation used in software engineering. However, this other answer easily wins for best example; using various activities you’d perform on a phone book to explain different complexities is genius. (Quick recap: Big O notation is used to capture the upper bound […]

Playing with acoustics


Ever wonder how much room acoustics affect sound? Julien Audigier shows us, using just a simple two piece set and natural reverb.

Ishkur’s guide to electronic music


If you’re a fan of electronic music, you probably already know of Ishkur’s guide. If not, you need to go check it out. Like right now. (Don’t let the 90s interface and sound effects scare you away!) Ishkur’s guide is like wikipedia for the hundreds of sub-genres that constitute electronic music. Each genre comes with […]

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