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Keeping backup history when switching to a new Mac


If you use a Mac, I highly recommend using Apple’s Time Machine feature to maintain local data backups (you should also of course maintain off-site backups). Time Machine works best with a NAS, like Apple’s own $299 Time Capsule, as it can then take frequent snapshots of your disk without you even noticing. This is […]

Getting started with Boto


Boto is a python library for interfacing with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It supports nearly the entire AWS stack and is under active development so you can expect support for any upcoming AWS functionality as well. Boto is hosted on GitHub, and is available under the MIT license. This is a quick post on the […]

Wave simulation in WebGL


I can’t get enough of these physics simulations on the web. Simulation of waves on an ocean by David Li. Bonus: ripples on a pond by Jonas Wagner.



The augmented reality / gesture control space is really heating up. Spaceglasses is the latest entrant into the market, following Leap Motion, Myo and Oculus Rift, and of course Google Glass, Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Camera. The prototype in the video looks super dorky; the $667 dev kit shipping in Jan ’14 less so, […]

Word of the day: Aptronym


An aptronym is a name aptly suited to the person. Some hilarious examples: Chris Moneymaker, well-known poker player who won the $2.5M first prize at the 2003 World Series of Poker Usain Bolt, sprinter Thomas Crapper, founder of Thomas Crapper & Co, a toilet manufacturer Dr. Richard Chopp, urologist known for performing vasectomies William Headline, […]

Getting started with CocoaPods


If you’ve ever worked on a large project that used several 3rd party libraries, you’ve probably run into what programmers lovingly refer to as “dependency hell” – the painstaking task of getting the right version of each 3rd party library installed and configured correctly, and then later keeping those libraries up to date. CocoaPods is […]

Getting started with GitHub


This is a 10 minute intro for folks who are new to git and GitHub (like me, just a few weeks ago). The best way to get started with social coding and GitHub is to clean up any old side-projects you have lying around and publish them to GitHub. Keep reading to find out how […]

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